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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 89th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle: The "I'd rather be in Vegas" edition

Better late than never, they always say. Michael Meadon may have been a few hours later than the usual edition of the Skeptics' Circle, but when he finally delivered the 89th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle it was well worth the wait. He even showed me a promising new blogger:

Redonkulous Redundancy is a new blogger and first-time Circle participant (be nice!) who aptly skewers CAM advocates for their bait-and-switch tactics: yes mainstream medicine has (serious) problems, no, CAM is not the answer.

Here's hoping I can give him a little boost for that spot-on post.

Next up to host is, believe it or not, Peter Bowditch of The Millenium Project. I've wanted him to host for a long time now, and, to my surprise, he actually e-mailed me a few months ago and volunteered. Antivaccinationists really hate him; so you know he's a good guy. Don't let him down. Start cranking up your keyboard to produce some good stuff for him to feature in a fortnight.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The 88th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle at the 11th hour!

I must admit that I was getting a bit worried. Morning came today, and there was no Skeptics' Circle. I went to work. Every so often throughout the day I checked again.

Still no Skeptics' Circle, at least as of early afternoon.

I got home from work around 8 PM, and to my relief, there it was in all its usual glory, a bright, shiny new edition of the Skeptics' Circle over at Jyunri Kankei. And, boy, after subjecting myself to all the idiocy of the "Green Our Vaccines" rally over the last three days, I sure did need a cool, soothing dose of critical thinking, science, and reason. So head on over and take a look!

Next up to host is Ionian Enchantment, in just two weeks on June 19. You all know what to do; so don't let our next host down!

In the meantime, if you want to host a Circle (and why wouldn't you if you're a skeptical blogger?), here's what you have to do: Head on over the the schedule and guidelines and then to the guidelines for hosts, all to make sure you know what you're getting into and what we're looking for here. If you're still up for it (what skeptical blogger wouldn't be?), drop me a line and I'll get you on the schedule, assuming, of course that my perusal of my blog doesn't set my crank antennae a-twitchin'. It hasn't happened yet, but you never know. Jenny McCarthy might have a blog and want to try to host. I have to be vigilant.