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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The 31st Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

Yes, it's that time again, time for the most dedicated skeptics of the blogosphere to gather once again to try to apply critical thinking in an environment where credulity is usually the order of the day, and dubious stories can proliferate and spread around the world in mere hours. This time, Abel Pharmboy is your host for the 31st Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle over at Terra Sigillata. It's his first attempt in his young blogging career at hosting a blog carnival, and he's done himself proud, with an invocation and everything. Go check it out!

Next up is Matt (a.k.a. The Pooflinger) on April 13. Matt has hosted once before and produced what was without a doubt one of the most creative takes on the Skeptics' Circle of all, envisioning it as a Shakespearean play. I can't wait to see what he does with it this time around, although, given Matt's hints by e-mail of what he might do (questions, actually, that hint at his intent), Orac may have reason to be a little nervous (if a box of blinking lights can be nervous). In the meantime, though, as always, Matt (and I) need your contributions to produce the raw material needed for yet another great Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle.

Finally, as always, I'm putting out a call for skeptical bloggers to host and continue the tradition of hosting the finest skeptical blogging. There's one slot open in August, and after that it's not until October. (Yes, I can't believe it either, but I'm happy about it.) If you want to get in on the action before the fall, drop me a line at The schedule and guidelines can be found here.