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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The 41st Meeting of the Skeptics Circle: Awards Night

Yes, it's that time again, time for the biweekly carnival dedicated to highlighting actual critical thinking and skepticism directed against the general credulity that we usually find in the blogosphere: The Skeptics' Circle. This time around, our host is Interverbal, who is hosting Awards Night at the Circle:
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to the 41st Skeptic’s Circle which is of course, Awards Night! We certainly have had many fine nominees in the last few weeks and I know that the excitement is mounting! But before we begin I would like to take a minute and thank everyone who took the time to nominate someone for an award. Please take a moment to gather some refreshments if you so choose, I know I will certainly be getting some popcorn. Well, enough talk, on with the awards!
Indeed. And Interverbal highlights some truly worthy recipients of these awards, nominated by skeptical luminaries of the blogosphere.

Next up is Immunoblogging, who's hosted before. Please start readying some good material for him and join him (and me) back for the 42nd Edition of the Skeptics' Circle on Thursday, August 31. And, as always, if you're interested in hosting, drop me a line at