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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Better late than never (Orac, not the Circle): The 45th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

I'm afraid that I have been a bit remiss in my duties as the coordinator of the Skeptic's Circle. You see, today was a travel day, and I was heading to Chicago on business. Unfortunately, the Skeptics' Circle link was not posted very early this morning before I left (probably due to the fact that it was even earlier in California, the abode of our current host, The Innoculated Mind. But it's worth the wait. You see, this edition's host, Karl Mogel, has done something that's never been done with the Circle before. He's put together the first combined Skeptics' Circle/podcast with the 45th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle.

Consider it your opportunity not only to read but to hear the voice of skepticism.

Next up is Kevin Leitch over at Left Brain/Right Brain, who will be hosting in two weeks, on October 26. Kevin is an even more dedicated skeptic than I am when it comes to autism quackery and woo (for example, see here and here); so start formulating some skeptical blog posts for him and join us back here in two weeks.

And, as always, if you're interested in hosting your very own meeting of the Circle, drop me a line at