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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't forget your towel! It's the 61st Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle!

In honor of Towel Day, the theme of the latest meeting of the Skeptics' Circle is The Hitchhiking Skeptic's Guide to the Galaxy. Join Rebecca (a.k.a. The Skepchick) as she takes you on a tour of the skeptical blogosphere. But don't do it for me. Don't even do it just for Rebecca.

Do it for Douglas.

After you're done gallivanting about the universe with your towel, don't forget that two weeks from now we'll be doing it all again. Next up to host will be Thursday at Polite Company. Start getting your best skeptical entries together for our next go-around. Better yet, if you want to avoid the Vogons of credulity (and quash that horrific Vogon poetry, the tool of small-minded woo for sure, in the process) in a bigger way (by volunteering to host your very own Skeptics' Circle, of course!), head over to HQ, check out the schedule and guidelines for entries and the guidelines for hosting and then drop me a line. If you meet the requirements (no woo on your site, for one thing), I'll put you on the schedule to host.