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Monday, December 31, 2007

Skeptics' Circle Archive 2007

SKEPTICS' CIRCLE ARCHIVE AND SCHEDULE 2007 (the year's Skeptics' Circles listed in a convenient form):

January 4, 2007
The 51st Skeptics' Circle, hosted by See You at Enceladus

January 18, 2007
The 52nd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist

February 1, 2007
The 53rd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Occam's Edge

February 15, 2007
The 54th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Action Skeptics

March 1, 2007
The 55th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by The Second Sight

March 15, 2007
The 56th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Scientia Natura

March 29, 2007
The 57th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Aardvarchaeology

April 12, 2007
The 58th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Geek Counterpoint

April 26, 2007
The 59th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Pooflingers Anonymous

May 10, 2007
The 60th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Infophilia

May 24, 2007
The 61st Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Memoirs of a Skepchick

June 7, 2007
The 62st Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Polite Company

June 21, 2007
The 63rd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Relatively Science

July 5, 2007
The 64rd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by The Skeptical Alchemist

July 19, 2007
The 65th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Neurologica Blog

August 2, 2007
The 66th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by

August 16, 2007
The 67th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by The Bronze Blog

August 30, 2007
The 68th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Aardvarchaeology

September 13, 2007
The 69th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Unscrewing the Inscrutable

September 27, 2007
The 70th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Conspiracy Factory

October 11, 2007
The 71st Skeptics' Circle, to be hosted by Infophilia

October 25, 2007
The 72nd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by the quackometer blog

November 8, 2007
The 73rd Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Holford Watch

November 21, 2007 (held a day early due to the Thanksgiving holiday)
The 74th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Medjournal Watch

December 6, 2007
The 75th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Pro-science

December 20, 2007
The 76th Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Aardvarchaeology

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The 76th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle: A dish brush?

As regular readers of the Skeptics' Circle know, hosts are usually given pretty wide latitude about how they handle the presentation of the posts. This time around, host Martin Rundkvist, who's hosted an excellent edition before (albeit with a puzzling theme), decides that a large dish brush is just the thing for the 76th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle. Why? Who knows? It must be a Swedish thing. Fortunately, the carnival is chock full of bloggy goodness (albeit with one exception that somehow found its way in there) in a fine, no-nonsense (other than the brush) presentation and thus well worth taking some time out from the busy pre-holiday preparations to peruse.

Next up is fellow skeptical physician-blogger Pal MD at White Coat Underground. Not only does he get to host the first Skeptics' Circle of 2008 (on January 3) but, as Martin points out, it's also the 105th birthday of J.R.R. Tolkien. What more could you ask for? So, after you finish your holiday cheer, peruse the guidelines for the Skeptics' Circle and think about supplying Pal MD with some material to start off the new year right--with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Otherwise the Nazg├╗l might be on your tail.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

All the way from Denmark: The 75th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

It's hard to believe that two weeks have flown by once again. It's even harder to believe that the Skeptics' Circle has been around long enough to reach its 75th edition, which this time around comes straight out of Denmark, courtesy of longtime Respectful Insolence commenter and now blogger Kristjan Wager at Pro-Science. Kristjan's a just-the-facts kind of guy and he delivers a just-the-facts kind of Circle, chock full of skeptical bloggy goodness.

Next up to host on December 20, just in time for Christmas (and what better Christmas gift than the gift of skepticism?) is fellow ScienceBlogger Aardvarchaeology. Be sure to provide him with a bounty of Christmas cheer and skepticism!

As always, if you're interested in hosting one of these puppies yourself, check out the schedule and the guidelines for hosting. Then drop me a line at I'll get you worked into the schedule, assuming, of course, that a perusal of the content of your blog doesn't lead me to suspect that you're a double agent from the Discovery Institute or NewsTarget bent on destroying the Circle.