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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The 81st Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle: Leap Day Edition!

This year's a Leap Year, as it so happens, and it turns out that Leap Day is tomorrow. Unfortunately for "alternative medicine" mavens, conspiracy theorists, and lovers of woo everywhere, that means that the Skeptical Conspiracy to Suppress All Dissent--I mean, the Skeptics' Circle--is meeting over at--where else?--The Conspiracy Factory, where, just as woo-meisters have always suspected, skeptical bloggers everywhere are taking their instructions from their nefarious leader, who bears an uncanny resemblance to...well, you'll have to go over to the 81st Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle to find out.

Next up on the schedule to continue the conspiracy is Bing McGhandi over at Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes, who will be taking over the reins for the Circle for the next meeting, now scheduled for Thursday, March 13. If you're a skeptical blogger and want to join the conspiracy (and, believe me, you don't want to get on our Leader's bad side), start preparing your best skeptical blogging to submit to Bing. If you really want to get on our Leader's good side and become a leader in the conspiracy (and, make no mistake, it's better to be a leader than a sheeple), then check out the Skeptics' Circle schedule and guidelines and some guidelines for hosting and drop me a line. If your blog passes a perusal by our Illuminati overlords, I'll be happy to add you to the schedule.*

*For the irony-challenged, that stuff about the Illuminati and conspiracy was a lot of joking and sarcasm, although not the part about not wanting to get on our Leader's bad side.