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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The 83rd Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle: You're all Expelled!

I have to hand it to Mike, the host of this week's Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle. He's decided to do something that I never would have thought possible: He's gotten Ben Stein to introduce the entries to this week's festival of skeptical thinking--which is why you're all "expelled"!

Go check it out and be amused. I find, however, that it helps to get the full effect if you imagine Stein's whiny nasal voice reading it to you.

Next up to host is Archaeoporn on Thursday, April 10. (Archaeoporn? Oh, no, the word "porn" is in there! Godless Darwinists!) In any case, bloggers, start getting your best skeptical bits ready to submit for the next meeting!

Finally, as always, if you're a blogger and are interested in hosting one of these meetings, all you have to do is check out the schedule and guidelines and then peruse the guidelines for hosts. If after that you still think you have what it takes, skeptically speaking, then drop me a line at I'll peruse your blog to make sure I'm not dealing with a closet creduloid, and then get you on the schedule forthwith!