Circular Reasoning

An archive site for the Skeptics' Circle. It includes a list of past Skeptics' Circles, future hosts, and announcements.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The 98th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle here at The Uncredible Hallq, and it's a fine collection of the latest skeptical blogging.

Meanwhile the countdown towards #100 continues. Next up is King of Ferrets Ferret Cage, who will be hosting the 99th Edition of the Skeptics' Circle a fortnight hence, on Thursday, November 6, 2008. I should go back and check to see whether King of Ferrets is the youngest host we've ever had (age 15). Now, I know you all want to encourage the next generation of skeptics; so encourage King of Ferrets and be sure to send him your best stuff in time to be included in the next Circle.

Also, if you're interested in hosting one of these Circles yourself (and, if you're a skeptical blogger and have never hosted one, you really should, not to mention that if you've hosted before you should consider hosting again), check out the schedule and archive, as well as the guidelines for hosts and then drop me a line. Assuming you're not a woo masquerading as a skeptic, I'll get you right on the schedule.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The relentless march to Skeptics' Circle 100 continues...

The relentless march to Skeptics' Circle 100 continues, this time around with Evolved Rationalist over at Evolved and Rational. It's all for the lulz and the mudkip. What it in fact does is make me realize that I'm not as hip to the latest Internet stuff as I thought, because I had no idea what lulz meant or what a mudkip is. Oh, well. It's still a fantastic collection of the latest skepticism from around the blogosphere.

In the meantime, next up is The Uncredible Hallq, who's a past host and did a great job then. I'm glad he's doing it again, and he'll be hosting on October 23. So get your posts ready and don't forget to submit them to him, after, of course, checking out the guidelines. Unfortunately, it's not as close to Halloween as I'd like, but what the heck.

Finally, if you think you might want to host one of these puppies (and, really, who wouldn't?) send me a note after checking out the guidelines for hosts. I'll scope out your blog to make sure that you don't secretly blog for Age of Autism, Evolution News & Views, or Deepak Chopra and then get you on the schedule.