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Friday, February 27, 2009

Skeptics'' Circle #106 descends upon the world

It's a little late, but better late than never! Skeptics Circle #106 finally landed last night over at Disillusioned Words. Jeff Stingerstein lays it all out in a "just the facts, m'am" manner that demonstrates that, for all the fantastically creative and wild formats that prior hosts have used to present the last fortnight's skepticism, sometimes the straightforward is just as satisfying--especially given the quality of this edition's entries.

Next up in two weeks will be Skeptics' Field Guide. Start revving up your skeptical keyboards and supply Jeff and Theo with the material they need to keep the tradition alive!

And, as always, I am always looking for hosts. Indeed, I've been amazed at how good Skeptics' Circle hosts have been and how rare it is for the Circle to be a clunker. Still, I'm continually on the prowl for new skeptical talent, and I'm always happy when past hosts decide they want to give it another whirl. All the information you need to host is here and here. Check it out and drop me an e-mail!