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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Skeptical Blog Anthology 2009: Open for nominations

Given the skeptical bloggy goodness that arrives right here every other week in the form of the Skeptics' Circle, how could those of us entrusted with promoting skepticism on the Internet refuse to hawk something like this e-mail:

Inspired by the annual The Open Laboratory, the Skeptical Blog Anthology is a printed anthology of blog posts voted the very best of 2009, managed by the Young Australian Skeptics in conjunction with the Critical Teaching Education Group (CTEG).

Entries for the Skeptical Blog Anthology can be submitted to the Young Australian Skeptics Website at

The anthology is an attempt to bring a greater awareness of the skeptical content on blog sites and showcase some of the range and diversity in the blogosphere. With a combined aim to provide text-based resources to classes and general readers who may be interested or intrigued by what skepticism has to offer, entries from January 1st to December 1st 2009 are eligible for submission. Both a print and portable document format (pdf) will be made available for purchase via, with estimated printing early in 2010.

Entries can be self-nominated or proposed by readers of skeptical blog sites. The guidelines proposed by the popular Skeptics' Circle Blog Carnival are a fine indicator of the kind of content suitable for the anthology. These include urban legends, the paranormal, quackery, pseudoscience, intelligent design, historical revisionism, critical thinking, skeptical parenting / educating skeptically, superstitions, etc. The submission form on the Young Australian Skeptics site will guide you through the eligibility criteria.

Inquiries can be made to either or

Even better, the 2009 Skeptical Blog Anthology now has badges! They're a bit more Twitterish than I would have designed but overall are quite attractive.

Submit to Skeptical Blog Anthology 2009

So get out there and start nominating! Hosts of the Skeptics Circle, past and present, consider nominating one post from the Circle you hosted (or will host between now and the end of the year). Let's help the young Aussies make this project a rip-roaring success!